Some of the trainings Movingsounds provides:
Empowering the Team

Using the power of creativity and music to build supportive, trusting relationships that lead to a strong effective team. We explore ways to feel empowered as an individual and as a group welcoming all styles of leadership. We reflect on how we can do this and what the challenges are. The experience creates better communication and unity as a group, whilst having loads of fun in the creative zone.

Positive energy, Celebration and Well-being

A high-energy group music making experience brings inspiration and confidence – even if you’ve never played music before. It’s infectious once you get in the groove and helps us feel good in ourselves. Playing rhythms and experiencing creativity brings a huge boost to mental and emotional well-being without a need for words. This activity focuses on the benefits of music to build positivity for individuals and a group so participants can come away feeling uplifted and inspired.

Creative Confidence and Innovation

We can all be creative but there are so many things that block us from taking a risk and diving into life. We can develop confidence through exploring playful processes and using specific techniques that nurture this in ourselves and as a team. As we feel more comfortable within a creative zone then innovation can flourish. Through various creative games, activities and music-making we experience how it feels to be confident and to be empowered. This is the time to shine.

Optimise the System. Explorations in Change-Making

The culture of a workplace is all important. Through collective music making we can understand how a culture or system can flourish and everyone within it can feel positive and inspired. What does it feel like when things are going well? How can we make it happen? Understanding our part within acomplex system empowers us in our role to affect change. This activity offers ways to cultivate positive relationships and mental states that can be practiced anytime and anywhere. From these processes we learn tools to optimise the system and create an effective culture.

They can address various themes and be bespoke to the needs of a company.

Other creative formats our trainings include:

  • Theatre
  • Labyrinths
  • Mindfulness
  • Well-being
  • Meditation
  • Resilience
  • Nature Connection
  • Art
  • Movement
  • Creative yoga
  • Masks