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Moondancer is a beautiful sloop-rigged sailing boat built in 1974. She is thirty one and half feet long and known as a Golden Hind. She was designed by Maurice Griffiths who was a well known yachts man, boat designer and journalist who designed a number of crafts still respected for their cruising qualities and sea kindly ways.

We at Movingsounds, as the name implies, love to move around and take our music with us and so we have a vision for 2015:

We would like to travel under the power of sail, repeating the journey of Ed’s cycle-ride back to West Africa. The plan is to leave from Newhaven in September traveling along the south coast to Cornwall and the Scilly isles, and then across to Spain, along the Portuguese coast and on to The Canaries, Cape Verde Islands and the Senegal and The Gambia. We hope to be able to sail right up the River Gambia to the same village that was the destination of Ed’s cycle ride.

Here’s a little video of a small trip we did last year that shows the boat and some of the crew up to their tricks.

There will be more details to follow as the project develops and we would love to lead workshops in schools exploring the many historical, cultural, geographical and environmental themes that a journey like this will address.

If you would like to get involved in any way please do get in touch.

Raise the rigging flyer*In February we held a fundraiser to replace the standing rigging that was getting old and soon the work will begin to do all the repairs and renovations necessary for a longer voyage such as this

If you would like to make a donation towards the projects all offerings are extremely appreciated as this is proving to be a very expensive expedition and we will, as ever, be attempting to fund the journey on a show string…

So please just use the Paypal button below to make a donation.

Many Thanks for your support.