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Movingsounds book CoverGames to Save the Planet

This is a toolbox of arts based environmental education activities with 48 pages of games and workshops that we have developed over the years. The book takes you through the process of planning and delivering a variety of workshops and is full of games that will support different parts of the process. It covers activities for warm ups, music making, story telling, creating performances or films, theatre activities and ways to incorporate environmental and social issues into the creative process.

The book was created in conjunction with the Transition Towns Network and has a forward written by Forward by Rob Hopkins  who is very much an inspirational founder of the movement.

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6. South and beyondSouth And Beyond; to Africa on a Bike. 

Look out for the future publication of Ed’s account of his epic cycle adventure 10,000 km across 12 countries from his home in Sussex deep into West Africa. It is a story of self-discovery and profound realisations. The journey itself becomes a radical act of re-empowerment and environmentalism as he ignores the advice of many who said it would not be possible and completes this fossil-fuel-free adventure of a lifetime.