There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. They  are among the most excluded groups and at a high risk of social isolation through loss of social support networks.
Movingsounds offers Covid-appropriate sessions outside the houses, flats and care homes of people in need. We’ve had a great response so far. The sessions help improve the mental, social and physical well-being and help carers and family to spend quality time with those they care for and have some fun!


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We consistently see smiles, laughter and hope in the eyes of the people we have the privilege to work with.

“Movingsounds have made serious differences to the quality of life of the people I work with every day.” ~ Care-home Manager.

From our research funded by the Sussex Community Foundation we found that participants said they felt:

-Less anxiety.

-More mobility.


-More social interaction.

-Staff were happier.


” The workshops are varied and fully inclusive. Great care is taken to tailor them to the needs of the audience.” ~ Activities Co-ordinator.




Movingsounds is especially beneficial to our high need, non-verbal clients as the movement and sound aspects of the sessions allow all abilities of clients and all of the staff to enjoy themselves on an equal level’.  ~ Day Centre Manager.


“Movingsounds have made so many differences to the lives of our residents many of whom are living with advanced dementia or are at the end of life. The care and compassion they showed when they played individually to one such resident in her room brought tears to the eyes.” ~ Activities Co-ordinator.


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Buy a CD of music from our workshops!

As musicians we regularly perform and record in various line ups. We love playing music from the swing era and from around the world. If you would like a CD of the music we play at the workshops for elders made by Movingsounds musicians please click here.

We want the whole community to enable creativity for each other so we came together and created this animation to share some of our workshop essentials. Take these top tips and try them out! Everyone has their own way to get creativity going. We hope these will start you off or help to grow your facilitation skills.