Hello friends.

We have received generous funding from the Sussex Community Foundation Crisis Fund to make these videos as we have not been able to come and play and facilitate music in person. We hope you enjoy them and that they make your experience of this time easier.

To get the most out of these videos find a time and place where you can get involved. Sing along, move, breath and watch with family or carers too.

Oh, and a note to family and carers. These videos are for you too! We know you work hard, so if possible take some time to enjoy, de-stress, connect in a fun way with yourself and those you care for.

Mike Potter and Keith Ellis play some of their favourite, all time classic songs. With words so you can sing along!
Music and Movement by the River Gambia with Ed and Bamba.
Gentle movement and breathing exercises in nature with Slothie and Lex.
A soothing guided relaxation accompanied by music and images of nature by Lex and Gani.
Some favourite songs on the clarinet from Keith Ellis

We have been playing live music for isolated people in collaboration with Impact Initiatives and the Migrant English Project in Brighton. Here’s a quick whistlestop tour of the gigs!