In September 2011 Ed set out on his bike to cycle to West Africa alone.

This was a deep soul searching journey. His plan was to return to The Gambia and to reconnect with The Daffee family with whom he had lived back in 1995. Through the cycle ride Ed raised money for the Fresh Start Foundation that members of this same family now run to create a better future for vulnerable communities in this poor but fantastic part of the world. The journey was Followed by Carlton Hill School in Brighton and took him on a 10,000 km adventure of self-discovery across 12 different countries. He documented the journey with a tiny video camera and now Substantial films  have created this fantastic film as part of a series covering individuals doing inspirational and positive acts. We hope you enjoy the movie and that perhaps it may inspire you to live out your own dreams in what ever way feels right.

This is a short promo made for the movie whilst he was still out on the open road…

Below is the full movie  shown recently on the Community Channel and now on YouTube…



The Book: South and Beyond

6. South and beyond

Look out for the future publication of Ed’s account of his epic cycle adventure 10,000 km across 12 countries from his home in Sussex deep into West Africa. It is a story of self-discovery and profound realisations. The journey itself becomes a radical act of re-empowerment and environmentalism as he ignores the advice of many who said it would not be possible and completes this fossil-fuel-free adventure of a lifetime. This will be available as an e book or the real thing you can hold in your hand and treasure forever. In the mean time you can check out some of the stories that he wrote in his blog of the journey along the way.