Movingsounds runs workshops for schools, youth groups and cultural events. Our highly experienced facilitators use music, film, theatre and visual arts to give young people a huge boost in confidence and enable moments of creative genius.


We all learn and grow in different ways. Creative experiences help us to understand our place in the world and how to take action! We run projects about cultural diversity, environmental issues and many more. Since 2006 we have worked with over 20,000 young people in Europe, America and Africa to inspire and educate.

  All of our workshops are accessible to a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our approach allows marginalised communities to overcome barriers and build new connections.

“Heart-warming, soul-nourishing; what a joy to receive such a thoughtful and challenging experience- with the gentle encouragement we all need if we are to keep moving and learning.” Lizzie Overton. Headteacher, Lewes New School.


The Great Embaire Marimba from Uganda!

Participatory arts enable groups to explore complex issues in an empowering and enjoyable way. Individuals gain a deep understanding of the world they live in and come away with a sense of empowerment and support. One of our favourite tools is the Moso Mind Map:

Games, activities and creative challenges create a vibrant learning space where young people can feel free to express themselves, take a moment for reflection and collaborate with others to generate a true feeling of connection and creative empowerment.

Storytelling Workshops!
Drumming workshops!
Intergenerational Music Workshops.

“A wonderful, relaxing, inspiring opportunity for different generations to be together”.   

Family member / carer of participant at Phoenix Day Centre.
Junk Percussion Workshops!
Workshops out in the Woods!

“Such a fantastic opportunity. I wish I could do this every week.”
Staff member at Phoenix Day Centre.“Such a fantastic opportunity. I wish I could do this every week.”

Staff member at Phoenix Day Centre.