We have learned over the last 20 years of workshops how to be effective in creating change in a regenerative and sustainable way. Our approach is based on how change happens culturally and systemically rather than in a linear way to ‘fix the problems’. Creative participation is ideal for creating cultural and systemic change because it brings people together, it works on many levels – mentally, emotionally, socially – and is energizing and inspiring. Participants leave feeling “Anything is possible and I can be part of making it happen” ‘

A whistle-stop tour of our ‘Doorstep Music’.

RECONNECT. Spreading connection access cultures and continents.

Videos for Isolation

Made for everyone feeling isolated during Lockdown. We encourage you to treat these videos like a Movingsounds workshop. chttp://www.movingsounds.org/music-for-dementia/videos-for-isolation/

Sing out loud and enjoy simple movements and connecting with your body and breath. All of these things help us keep our energy flowing and our spirits high, especially helpful during these times of isolation. 

While we cannot be with you in person we have recorded these videos so that you might enjoy some of our music and creativity.

Eco Schools

Movingsounds runs dynamic musical workshops at the EYE Project‘s regular School’s Eco Summits. EYE is a West Sussex environmental education  initiative that stands for Eco, Young and Engaged. The events bring children together from both primary and secondary schools across the county. We bring along our incredible orchestra of junk percussion instruments made up of home-made xylophones, a tea chest bass, bataphone, biscuit tin guitar and plenty of bins and barrels to make a fantastic musical racket. We also offer sessions in Natural percussion where all the instruments are made entirely from natural materials. Ed had also offered a keynote speech to inspire the young participants at the event.

Creative Tools for Social Change

Out in the Spanish Pyrenees there is a fantastic community called Eco Dharmathat runs residential courses and retreats focussing on supporting activists in their important work to bring about positive change. We collaborate with Ecodharma, Ulex and some other fantastic facilitators to offer a week long residential exploring the power of creative tools to bring about social change. Its a profoundly transformative and informative course we have co designed together with George from Reboot The Roots, Ruth Cross and Lindsay Alderton.

Cultural Emergence

Movingsounds runs a foundation course in Cultural Emergence, a framework to create positive social and environmental change. Based on social permaculture and the study of indigenous cultures from around the world, the courses are experiential, creative journeys into the natural landscape involving deep reflection, collaboration and visioning.

The Theatre of Liberation and Mask Work.

Workshops and courses inspired by Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed in conjunction mask work. We ran a Creating Resilience course for people working in refugee camps and refugees at the Ulex project in Spain and a mask and theatre workshop for the Deaf Ethnic Womens’ Association in London. We have run these trainings on a wide range of themes in Berlin, London, Bristol and Cataluña. “Theatre techniques as a rehearsal for the revolution.”

Working with youth organisations from 52 nations at the University of Youth Development in Spain music really can build unity, understanding and empowerment. As a band we facilitated empowerment workshops and hosted a night of international ,music and dance with the local community.

1 https://youtu.be/Y4ZrGLVojA8.

Deaf Awareness Training

In collaboration with Deaf facilitator Louise Gibson we run staff trainings in Deaf awareness for local organisations. Lex is a British Sign Language communicator and facilitates interactive workshops providing a foundation in sign language and visual communication. In 2018 Movingsounds lead a staff training at the Depot Cinema in Lewes exploring these skills empowering the staff to allow deaf people to feel welcome and included into the community.

Gender Diversity Awareness


In collaboration with Alinah Azadeh and Leo Sedgley, facilitator Lex Titterington ran an interactive storytelling installation exploring gender diversity at the Komedia Theatre. The piece was for 5 – 11 year olds and was about nature, magic and following your dreams.

Creativity for Well-being

Trainings in a Hackney nursery school supporting teachers in basic nature-based yoga skills empowering them to use yoga in their classrooms. This has made a positive difference to their class room experience and supports the learning of the pupils.

Creative Adventures

‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ Helen Keller

We at Movingsounds realise that creativity can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. Every choice we make has the potential for a creative adventure and Ed has taken this idea to some whole new levels. From cycling 10,000 km alone across mountains and deserts to West Africa supporting local projects, playing music and experiencing deep connection in 2012 to sailing 5000 Nautical miles across oceans back to The Gambia in 2015. We have made films of these Adventures, written books and now run inspirational workshops and talks empowering others to go out there and live out their dreams.